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Classic Variety Sandwiches Platter

Classic Variety Sandwiches Platter

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Classic Variety Sandwiches Platter All your lunchtime favourites in one box.

Medium platter includes (20 Pieces):

  • Sandwich Triangle: Roast beef, cheddar cheese, rocket, and tomato relish on grain bread
  • Sandwich Triangle: Ham, cheddar cheese, and tomato on white bread
  • Sandwich Triangle: Tuna mix, gherkin, rocket on grain bread 
  • Sandwich Triangle: Poached chicken, mixed lettuce, and mayo on dark rye bread 
  • Sandwich Triangle: Boiled egg, tomato, and mixed lettuce on grain bread 

Large platter includes(32 Pieces): 

  • Sandwich Triangle: Chicken Schnitzel, mixed lettuce, and mayonnaise on white bread 
  • Sandwich Triangle: Grilled eggplant & zucchini, roast capsicum, olives, spinach, pesto mayo on dark rye bread 
  • Sandwich Triangle: Cheese & Tomato on white bread
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