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Variety Wraps Platter

Variety Wraps Platter

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All your lunchtime favourites in one box. Wraps are cut in half and served chilled.

This platter includes an assortment of: 

  • Ham, cheddar cheese, tomato 
  • Falafel, hummus, tomato, lettuce, gherkin 
  • Poached chicken, mixed lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise
  • Tuna mix, gherkin, rocket and mayonnaise
  • Chicken Schnitzel, mixed lettuce, mayonnaise
  • Roast beef, cheddar cheese, rocket, tomato relish 
  • Roast vegetables, olives, spinach, and pesto mayonnaise
  • Boiled Egg, tomato, and lettuce on a tomato wrap

This platter comes in different sizes:

  • Per Person (1 Wrap, 2 Pieces)
  • Small (4 wraps, 8 Pieces)
  • Medium (12 pieces, 24 Pieces)
  • Large (16 wraps, 32 Pieces)

If you would like to order gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan sandwiches separately, these can be ordered individually packed.  

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